An online course to help cake makers like you get more of the right clients, get more confident with pricing and start making a profit from your creative passion!

Attention Cakers!

Are you ready to start attracting the right clients & to confidently start monetising your creative passion?


Because right now…

…you know that you need to get more of those clients that will pay what you’re worth to really switch from hobby to business. You want to put your prices up, but how?!

Because in an ideal world, you’d seal the deal with those clients that don’t even bat an eyelid at your quotes. They’d find you on instagram, compliment your work, order and pay immediately AND the cake would be one you really want to make.

But… It’s not quite happening like that yet.

If anything, the enquiries you do get come more in the friends and family category or at the very least, you’re still charging friends and family prices… You’ll take pretty much any cake or baking job people ask you to do, even if you’ve never made those cake pops or biscuits before. And you’ll do it for pretty much any price they are willing to pay.

It’s not that you aren’t grateful for the business that you do get. Of course you are, because you love making cakes. But working all the days, nights, weekends there are and scratching your head at your finances at the end of it all is also starting to grate.

It’s easy to feel like we have to figure it all out by ourselves too. That’s what I used to do and it was one of the slowest, loneliest and most inefficient things I have ever done…


✔️ Charge more AND still get cake jobs, even with other cake makers in your area charging less.


✔️ Get over your fear of sending out cake quotes and gain the confidence to say no to clients bartering on your prices.


✔️ Confidently run a business instead of an expensive hobby, so that you have the time to get back to doing the things you love


✔️ Have the luxury of picking and choosing the clients that you want to work with- buh bye making cake pops you don’t even like…


✔️ Build a sustainable and thriving business with a brand centred on YOU.

Say hello to…

An online course to help cake makers like you get more of the right clients, get more confident with pricing and start making a profit from your creative passion!

Here’s how the course is different from others…

✔️ It will help you find the clients that will pay the right price for your signature cakes.

✔️ It will give you more confidence in pricing your cakes. No more fear when sending out quotes and no more saying yes to clients beating down your prices!

✔️ It will give you a template you can use to create a comprehensive cake costing system in the fraction of the time that it would to create your own from scratch.

✔️ It will teach you how to turn your creative cake passion into a successful money-making business.

✔️ It will help you reassess your pricing so you can make fewer cakes at a higher price and  free up more time to spend doing the things you love with the people you love

✔️ It will provide you with lifetime access to the course so you can learn from anywhere as well as timeless templates and content that you can use and reuse as your business evolves over time.

You started making cakes to get creative and make the world a happier and more delicious place!

And I want to help you do that while feeling able to charge your worth for your hard work, so you can grow your cake business with more confidence.

✨Here’s what you’ll learn to start growing your cake business✨

A Bigger Slice: Profit from your cakes is broken down into 4 core modules. Once you join, you’re free to start the course straight away! 

You’ll get lifetime access, meaning you can come back to it whenever you want! 🎊

Easy-to use workbooks and printables are included to help you take action. ✏️

You can start applying what you learn in each of the sessions to your business today! 🤩


✨Module 1: BACK TO BASICS✨

In this module we’ll clarify the business foundations, whether you’ve already started your cake business or you’ve been building it for a while.

We’ll look at the practical, financial and legal basics for setting up a cake business.

I’ll talk you through the fundamentals of having a business mindset and clarify your business vision

You’ll learn about the elements I think are fundamental in creating a profitable cake business.

I’ll help you harness your unique strengths, personality, skills and what sets you apart from other cake makers so that you can discover your niche.


In this module, you’ll discover who your ideal client is and why they are so important in building up every aspect of your business.

You’ll create an ideal client profile so that you can get crystal clear on who you’re selling to.

We’ll learn why your branding is so much more than just a logo and how to create a unique story through it.

You’ll learn why branding comes hand in hand with creating a profitable and sustainable cake business.

You’ll find out how to create your unique message to target those clients you want to work with in order to start making more from your business.

You’ll learn how to stop marketing your cakes to the wrong people and grow your cake business with a new perspective.

✨Module 3: MARKETING✨

 In this module we’ll learn how to find your ideal client through the right channels and platforms so that you can start to see a return and an increase in sales.

I’ll teach you about the importance of having a website, SEO and driving organic traffic to it via a blog.

We’ll cover social media types, which ones to use depending on your ideal client and what not to do when it comes to social media marketing.

We’ll discover the benefits of using Pinterest for your cake business and why it’s an under-utilised resource that’s perfect for cake marketing and driving traffic to your website.

We’ll explore email marketing and why this is a highly-targeted way to grow your fan base and market your cakes to an engaged audience.

I’ll teach you about the power of networking and collaboration as one of the best ways of getting business alongside your online marketing strategy.


In this module we’ll focus on how to price your cakes to actually start making a profit to invest back into your business and grow.

We’ll look at why mindset and confidence play a huge part in pricing your cakes for profit

We’ll look at what sets a cake hobby apart from a cake business in terms of pricing

We’ll learn where you may have been going wrong with your cake pricing and why you should stop comparing your pricing to others in the industry.

I’ll teach you to create your own comprehensive cake costing system that you can rely on to make the profit to take your business forward as well as save stacks of time with each cake quote you send out.

I’ll help you to stop undercharging and to gain the confidence to send out quotes with the knowledge that you are charging what you are worth.


Here’s all the AMAZINGness you’ll get inside…


So you can learn from anywhere, in your own time with video and workbook content that you can use and reuse as your business evolves over time.


To get the support you need from me as well as connecting with other like-minded cake business owners.



My comprehensive cake costing template that’s completely customisable to your business and costs.


This is my tried and tested cake portion guide specifically for modern, tall tier cakes that comes as a downloadable and printable time saving resource for easy reference over and over again.


A separate mini course diving in to the fundamentals of why you should be using Pinterest to drive organic traffic to your website and easy steps on how to get to 500k monthly unique viewers.


Get ahead with your blogging game and discover the tools I use to create blog topics to keep your SEO situation on track, including my 52 blog post titles template!


Make sure your branding is on point with targeting your ideal client with this extra workbook to guide you through your branding journey.


Learn how to up-skill and make Pinterest-worthy cakes that will take your cake business to the next level with this modern cake decorating class.In this online class with video and written content, you’ll learn the fundamentals of working with chocolate ganache, sharp edged fondant and alternative cake decorating methods with cocoa butter and wafer paper.

Join A Bigger Slice: Profit from your Cakes today!



✔️Lifetime access to all course modules in A Bigger Slice: profit from your Cakes online course (worth £247)

✔️Lifetime access to student support in my private Facebook group.

✔️My Pricing for profit template (worth £15)

✔️My Cake portion guide for tall cake tiers (worth £4.99)

✔️The Pinterest for Cake Business Masterclass (worth £27)

✔️Blogging Hacks for Cake Business guide (worth £9.99)

✔️Branding Booster for your cake business workbook (worth £4.99)

✔️’Modern Art Cake’ online foundation level cake decorating class (worth £147) ONLY with the pay in full option!



✔️Lifetime access to all course modules in A Bigger Slice: profit from your Cakes online course (worth £247)

✔️Lifetime access to student support in my private Facebook group.

✔️My Pricing for profit template (worth £15)

✔️My Cake portion guide for tall cakes (worth £4.99)

✔️The Pinterest for Cake Business Masterclass (worth £27)

✔️Blogging Hacks for Cake Business guide (worth £9.99)

✔️Branding Booster for your cake business workbook (worth £4.99)

I cannot wait to teach you EVERYTHING I have learned!


I’m Katie Lake Volcof…

Cake Designer, online school founder and self-professed artistic content creator..

A few years ago. I had a full diary of cake orders, but I just wasn’t earning the kind of money I needed to. 

One Friday night, I was working late on a cake that didn’t inspire me and as usual at that time, I hadn’t priced it correctly. 

I was feeling creatively unfulfilled, just completing orders to client briefs that didn’t excite me. I realised that if I was to carry on making cakes, there had to be another way.

I decided if I was going to make a success of this, I needed to learn more about business and how to make a profit from my cakes.

Fast forward to now, and clients come to me because of the cakes I design and I spend more time with my friends and family whilst making more money from my cakes.

I have created this course off the back of years of experience everything I’ve learned so that you can fast track your way to success…

Katie x

…But don’t just take my word for it…

✨“Off the back of the course, I have been working on my pricing, identifying my ideal client and making decisions about being true to myself in my business”.

✨“Katie’s right! The hard work does pay off. Do the work, understand your costs, decide you are worth it and stick by your pricing”.

✨“If you’re on the fence about the course, do it! It’s full of such valuable tips from legals, to the importance of accounting for all your costs and how that helps with confidence. You won’t regret it! – Chinelo A x

Is A Bigger Slice: Profit from your Cakes for you?


✔️You’re dreaming of quitting your full time job to start your cake or baking business, but you have no idea where to start.

✔️You’re running a cake business and you’re ready to start actually monetising your creative passion.

✔️You’re tired of working so much but not seeing any financial return for your hard work.

✔️You’re dreaming of quitting your full time job to start your cake or baking business, but you have no idea where to start.

✔️You’re scared by the thought of sending cake quotes out to clients and it takes you an age to even get one quote together.

✔️You know you need to start charging more for your cakes but you can’t find the confidence or courage to make the move.

✔️You’re confused about where to focus your cake marketing and don’t know who you want to sell your cakes to.

✔️You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and figure this cake business thing out once and for all and transform your money eating hobby into a profit making venture.

Don’t let another year go by…

…before you put the work in behind the scenes to create the cake business you have always wanted…

Because if you start now, imagine where you will be in a year’s time!

You could be making more of your dream cakes and making enough money to invest back into your business to help it grow.

You could soon change your mindset and have a new-found confidence to charge what you need to for your cakes!

You’ll save time by avoiding classic cake biz mistakes and investing in A Bigger Slice: Profit from your Cakes…..



I'm a total newbie and I don't even have a business yet. Will the course work for me?

Yes, it’s definitely for you. The course is designed for cakers who want to turn their hobby into a business, as well as cake business owners who want to learn how to up-level their businesses and make a profit from their cakes. Plus if you don’t have any experience of running a cake business yet, it will set you off on the right foot!

How does the course work?

Once you enrol you will have access to all the course modules. The course consists of both written and video tutorials you can refer back to again and again. You can access the course on all devices from anywhere in the world.

When does the course start and finish?

That’s up to you. You’ll have access to all the course modules as soon as you enrol. The course is designed to be self-paced so you can start and finish whenever you want and you can come back to it whenever you need to.

How long will the course take to complete?

The course consists of four modules for you to complete in your own time, at your own pace. Once you have completed each module, it will be up to you to implement what you have learnt and apply it to yourself and your business so you can start seeing changes.  Depending on your circumstances, you could start by spending just a few hours a week on the course which won’t even eat in to your Netflix time!

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! You can pay in full and make the most of the extra bonus, or you can spread the cost pay in 6 easy monthly payments. Your call!

Can't I just do all this by myself?

Of course you can! But I wouldn’t advise you to! One of the main motivations behind setting up the school for me was so that I could pass my knowledge on other Cakers and so that they won’t make the mistakes I did. Plus, it took me a looong time and taking this course is how you fast track your way there!

What if I need to ask a question?

When you enrol, you will then be able to gain access to a private Facebook group where you can ask both me and other students on the course for help and advice.

How long will I have access to the class?

How does LIFETIME access sound?! You’ll have lifetime access to any courses you enrol on. Yay!

Do you offer refunds?

Because buying the course means you’ll get an all-access pass to everything inside, as well as bonuses, I do not offer refunds. By purchasing the course with all its accompanying bonuses, you are committing to doing the work to take your cake business to the next level. With the easy to follow video and written content as well as the added value of the bonuses, I can safely say I have made the process as easy as possible to follow and start implementing to your business today. If you put in the work you will get results 🙂

Is this course applicable if I don't live in the UK?

Absolutely! There are actual numbers in the course, so you’ll need to convert them currency-wise and adjust based on your market area. The goal with this course is all about mindset and all of the factors you should be considering in your price. The course will help no matter where you live. The actual numbers aren’t the point- it’s about learning how to VALUE your work!! 

Join A Bigger Slice: Profit from your Cakes today…





(Pay in full and get the Modern Art Cake Class as a bonus!)




(First payment taken today)


Happy Students…

✨It’s all about trusting the process. Now that I have completed the course I have the confidence to out my prices up! Now there is no looking back! The course really helped me learn what was missing in my cake business and I’m so excited for what the future holds for my business
Claire C 

✨I’ve put so much into place already and I’ve only just started! It has really boosted my confidence and I 100% recommend the course to any other bakers looking to make a go of their businesses
Claudia G 

✨The course covers everything you need from registering your kitchen to branding and that all important targeting ideal clients. I 100% recommend the course. There are things you’ll learn that you probably would never have thought of!
Shantal S

The course is SO beneficial, and with lifetime access, it’s money well spent! I completed each module in my own time, from back to basics to finding my ideal client and marketing. Like most cake makers, I needed help with pricing and this module was a game changer for me!
Andrea S

A reminder of what’s included…

Recorded video lessons and written content you can complete in your own time, at your own pace.

Lifetime access so you can take the course in your own time and come back to it any time when you want a refresh.

Printable worksheets and downloads to help you apply what you learn to your business right away.


Actionable tasks for each module so you can implement what you learn immediately and apply it to your business.

A guide to exactly how I price my cakes for profit and a template for you to begin doing the same. 

Entry to my private Facebook group for support from me as well as others in this super supportive cake community!

…And a reminder of those BONUSES…

✔️Lifetime access to all course modules in A Bigger Slice: profit from your Cakes online course (worth £247)

✔️Lifetime access to student support in my private Facebook group.

✔️My Pricing for profit template (worth £15)

✔️My Cake portion guide for tall cakes (worth £5)

✔️The Pinterest for Cake Business Masterclass (worth £27)

✔️Blogging Hacks for Cake Business guide (worth £9.99)

✔️Branding Booster for your cake business workbook (worth £2.99)

✔️’Modern Art Cake’ online foundation level cake decorating class (worth £179) ONLY with the pay in full option!