• Bake cakes and want to learn how to decorate them in a modern way?
  • Want to to learn modern cake decorating skills?
  • Struggle to use chocolate ganache to help you get those sharp and smooth edges?
  • Want to learn new cake skills?
  • Want to learn how to make neat and smooth cakes?
  • Want to learn how to make contemporary cakes?
  • Wonder how to make edible cake decorations from wafer paper?





  • Bake a delicious and simple cake
  • My go-to recipe
  • The best ingredients to use
  • Extra Baking tips


Making Chocolate Ganache


  • Make delicious chocolate ganache
  • My go-to recipe
  • How best to prepare ganache for use
  • Ganache tips


Levelling, filling and ganaching


  • How to level a cake
  • Fill a cake with chocolate ganache
  • How to cover a cake with chocolate ganache
  • Learn how to get super sharp edges with ganache
  • Tips for getting a square, flat and professional looking cake


Fondant with sharp edges


  • How to use fondant to create a contemporary cake
  • Cover a cake in fondant and get a flawless finish
  • How to avoid rips, lumps and bumps in fondant
  • Get super sharp edges with fondant
  • Conquer your fear of fondant with top tips


Cocoa Butter Paint


  • An introduction to cocoa butter
  • How to make cocoa butter paint
  • Cocoa butter paint as a modern cake decorating medium
  • Cocoa butter tips


Wafer Paper Waves


  • An introduction to wafer paper
  • How to use wafer paper and how it’s an untapped medium
  • How to make a wafer paper wave
  • Wafer paper tips


Bake a simple and delicious cake that you'll get right every time

Make chocolate ganache to use for tasty, modern looking cakes

Level, fill and cover a cake in ganache to prepare for fondant

Cover a cake in fondant and get a flawless finish with sharp edges

Use cocoa butter paint as a modern cake decorating medium

Create wafer paper waves to decorate a cake in a modern way


I’m the founder of Malarkey Cakes School.

I got engaged 6 years ago, and decided to make my own wedding cake. From there I took my creative passion for cakes, design and baking and decided to make it into a business.

I went on to carve out a niche in the cake world with my modern and alternative techniques and pushed the boundaries of cake design, working on award-winning cakes for weddings and events at some of London’s most prestigious venues.

I have designed this Modern Art Cake Foundation level class after having a lot of requests to teach students how to use chocolate ganache, create a flawless fondant finish and an introduction to the medium of wafer paper for cake decorations.

The class is designed for you to go at your own pace and to follow both the written and video instructions which you can keep referring back to as many times as you need to. You will have lifetime access to the class.

I look forward to seeing you in there!



“I have never been confident using fondant and hadn’t ever used ganache on a cake before, but after my class with Katie, I feel so much more comfortable, and am actually looking forward to trying out some new skills when it comes to my next cake. Learning about wafer paper and cocoa butter was also one of the highlights, and again, something I’ve never used before.”

Shannon Colman

“I’m happy to say that I learned everything I set out to learn; working with ganache, fondant, wafer paper. For me, it was a great way to learn and get started with new skills. I absolutely recommend classes with Katie. “

Fleur Terpstra

“I had lots of fun while learning and it certainly helped me overcome some of my ‘cake fear’ even as someone starting a cake business there are things I wasn’t confident enough to try but now with this class complete I am sure I can take them on successfully and enjoy practicing. If you’re considering a cake class I can highly recommend! You’ll gain invaluable knowledge and experience which will stay with you long after the class is complete.”

Gill Mazibuko


£147  £87



Who is this class for?

This class is designed for beginners and experienced bakers who want to improve and update their skills to create contemporary cake masterpieces.

How does it work?

Once you enrol you will have access to the online class. Classes consist of both written and video tutorials you can refer back to again and again and you can access your class on all devices from anywhere in the world

When do classes start and finish?

That’s up to you. You’ll have access to your class as soon as you enrol. All the classes are designed to be self-paced so you can start and finish whenever you want and you can come back to the class whenever you need to.

How long is the class?

The class consists of six modules for you to complete in your own time, at your own pace. 

What if I need to ask a question?

When you enrol for a class you will then be able to gain access to a private Facebook group where you can ask both Katie and other students who may be in your country, for help and advice.

How long will I have access to the class?

You’ll have lifetime access to any classes you enrol on.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the online nature of this class as well as the low price, I do not offer refunds.