Get set up on Pinterest fast

and start getting traffic to your website and blog

(so there’s no more just depending on social media and those algorithms that hide your posts all the time!)

Seriously? You’re now telling me to add Pinterest to the mix?!

There really isn’t any more time in the day!

I totally get it…

You already spend hours & hours working on Instagram and Facebook

You’ve got cakes to bake and decorate, and then deliver…

And then you have a ton of other hats to wear running your cake business.

But here’s the thing

💣  Truth bomb: Posting on Instagram or Facebook alone simply isn’t enough anymore…

The sad fact is the days when people could see all your posts are gone. You need to work harder on Instagram and Facebook to get the visibility you need to grow your cake business…

You need another platform to help you…

That’s where Pinterest comes in…

OK, but why Pinterest?

❤️  Pinterest is a massively underused platform

❤️   Food and events are huge on Pinterest making it perfect for cakes!

❤️  You can set up pins to click straught through to your website

❤️  You can get people to actually read your blog via Pinterest

❤️ 75% of Pinterest users earn more than $75,000 AND they’re ready to buy!

Imagine driving more traffic to your website and more readers to your blog…

What would the future look like?

❤️  More cake sales (Hello fully booked cake diary!)

❤️  You can be picky about what orders you make (you’ll be so in demand!)

❤️  No more depending only on social media for your marketing (this is a dangerous game!)

❤️  You’ll have a loyal bunch of blog readers and fans who love what you do! (Winning!)

Not only is this possible, but I created a course to help you accomplish all of this!

Say hello to the…

A 12-step course to help you set up your Pinterest account and start driving traffic to your website and readers to your blog

The Pinterest for Cake Business Mini Course…

…is the first of it’s kind that not only teaches you how to set up your Pinterest business account step by step, but also how to target your dream customers and stay visible on Pinterest!

❤️  It’s the exact 12-step mentod I used to set up my Pinterest account for my cake business!

❤️  It will teach you how to set up your Pinterest business account to start getting found online. Finally!

❤️  You’ll learn how to link your website to your Pinterest account to start seeing those website visitors coming!

❤️  I’ll show you how to create pins for your blog posts so that you can get new readers

❤️  You’ll learn how to pin content on Pinterest to keep you visible on there

❤️  It will give you lifetime access to all content so you can go back to it anytime you need it!

How would your cake business be different if you could…

❤️  Drive more traffic to your website to get more cake sales

❤️  Get people to actually read your blog posts and build a captive blog audience

❤️  Showcase your cakes to people that are ready to buy

❤️  Get booked up with more of your dream cake clients

❤️  Stop relying on just Instagram and Facebook algorithms to help you get clients

Here’s what you’ll get to kick-start your Pinterest game…

A printable, easy-to-use workbook guide

to follow along with the video content, that takes your through the 12 steps you’ll need to set up and start rocking your Pinterest business account.

A 90-minute video session

to use alongside the workbook guide that will take you through the steps to set up your Pinterest business account and help you start targeting your dream clients

A handy checklist

to help you make sure you don’t miss a step and to be sure you take action and apply what you learn to your cake business starting today!

Immediate Lifetime Access

YES! You will have this course for the length of your business, allowing you to use it as you like on any device, anywhere and whenever you need to come back to it. You’ll also get the benefit of any updates and new info I add to the course!

Get started today!

❤️  Get instant lifetime access

❤️  Use on any device anywhere

❤️  My 12-step video and workbook guides

❤️  Printable worksheets

 ❤️  A handy printable checklist

❤️  Confidence using a new platform


Grab it for just £27!

Have we not met yet?

I’m Katie Lake Volcof…

Cake Designer, online school founder and self-professed artistic content and course creator..

Off the back of my success creating award-winning, unique and modern wedding cakes for weddings at some of the top venues in London, I created Malarkey Cakes School to help others realise their potential within the cake industry and inspire them to see that they can create a real business and monetise their creative passion.

Last year, I was lucky enough to be invited along to a Pinterest event for London wedding suppliers. It’d then that my love for Pinterest began ❤️

When such massive changes started with Instagram, and it became harder to be visoble there, I knew I needed another way of getting more of my dream clients to see my cakes.

Since I added Pinterest to my marketing mix, I have increased traffic to my website, seen a sharp rise in enquiries and sales and I now have blog readers!

This mini course shows you the exact steps I took to drive a ton more traffic to my website and my blog all in less than 6 months!

I cannot wait to share my passion for Pinterest with you!

Is Pinterest for Cake Business for you?

This online mini course is perfect for you if…

✔️ You’re sick of posting on Instagram, hearing crickets and wondering if there is another way to get people to see your show-stopping cakes.

✔️ You’re wondering if there is a way to get people to actually read your blog posts.

✔️ You’ve got a great website but it’s sitting there with no visitors.

✔️ You want to start attracting your ideal clients and getting them to click through to your website.

✔️You know you need to do something more to add to your marketing, but you’re just not sure what.

✔️ You’ve heard that Pinterest is the place to be but you have no idea where to start.


You have questions, I have answers…

I'm a total newbie and I don't even have a business yet. Will the course work for me?

It’s definitely for you if you have a website and/or blog or you aim to set one up soon. The quicker you can start getting traffic to your website and blog, the better! This is a foundation level course that will work for those who are already running a cake business as well as those who are just starting out.

How does the course work?

Once you enrol you will have access to all the course content. The course consists of both written and video tutorials you can refer back to again and again. You can access the course on all devices from anywhere in the world.

When does the course start and finish?
That’s up to you. You’ll have access to all the course modules as soon as you enrol. The course is designed to be self-paced so you can start and finish whenever you want and you can come back to it whenever you need to.
How long will the course take to complete?
The course consists of four modules for you to complete in your own time, at your own pace. Once you have completed each module, it will be up to you to implement what you have learnt and apply it to yourself and your business so you can start seeing changes.  Depending on your circumstances, you could start by spending just a few hours a week on the course which won’t even eat in to your Netflix time!
Can't I just do all this by myself?

Of course you can! But I wouldn’t advise you to! One of the main motivations behind setting up the school for me was so that I could pass my knowledge on other Cakers and so that they won’t make the mistakes I did. Plus, it took a lot of trial and error to get myself set up on Pinterest and taking this course is how you fast track your way there!

How long will I have access to the class?
How does LIFETIME access sound?! You’ll have lifetime access to any courses you enrol on. Yay!
Do you offer refunds?
Because buying the course means you’ll get an all-access pass to everything inside, as well as bonuses, I do not offer refunds. By purchasing the course with all its accompanying bonuses, you are committing to doing the work to take your cake business to the next level. With the easy to follow video and written content as well as the added value of the bonuses, I can safely say I have made the process as easy as possible to follow and start implementing to your business today. If you put in the work you will get results 🙂

A reminder of what you get if you start today…

❤️  Get instant lifetime access

❤️  Use on any device anywhere

❤️  My 12-step video and workbook guides

❤️  Printable worksheets

 ❤️  A handy printable checklist

❤️  Confidence using a new platform


Grab it for just £27!